Itsumo sobani, itsumo hitori
По мере победы копирастов лимцензии становятся всё веселее.

[...] To ensure compliance with the Agreement, you agree that within ten (10) days from the date of Unity or its authorized representative’s request, you shall provide all pertinent records and information requested in order to verify that your installation and use of any and all Services is in compliance with the Agreement along with a signed verification that all such information is complete and correct.

Furthermore, if you are a Legal Entity, Unity or its authorized representatives may upon reasonable prior notice access and inspect your facilities and computer systems to review and verify your compliance with the Agreement. Any such inspection shall be conducted during regular business hours at your facilities or electronically via remote access. [...]

Вкратце: они могут потребовать в течение 10 дней выслать им документов, подтверждающих право на использование лицензии (хз каких, видимо сведения о доходах с продаж игры, что не более $100к), а для юридических лиц - прововдить инспекции предприятия (!) и компьютеров, лично или по удалёнке.

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